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  • Potable Water

    SaskWater's potable water supply business refers to the delivery of water that is suitable for human consumption in accordance with applicable regulations. Municipalities represent the largest consumers of potable water. SaskWater also delivers potable water to rural pipeline groups and to businesses for industrial and process uses and for on-site human consumptive use.

    The majority of SaskWater's municipal customers own and operate their local distribution systems and manage the relationship with their residents. SaskWater provides wholesale water delivery service to the community, who then delivers the service to its residents.

    Stand-alone Systems

    SaskWater's mandate enables the corporation to purchase and operate municipal waterworks or to construct new water supply and treatment systems. SaskWater currently owns and operates stand-alone systems in Elbow, White City, Pierceland, Edenwold, Gravelbourg, Cupar and Melville.  

    Regional Systems

    For some rural communities, regional water systems are the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions to their water needs.

    SaskWater owns and operates the Wakaw-Humboldt and Melfort regional potable water systems. These systems consist of a single treatment plant that produces and distributes potable water to surrounding communities through a pipeline network. Water treatment plants for these two regional systems are located in Wakaw and Melfort. Together these systems supply potable water to 17 communities and several rural pipeline groups.

    SaskWater also owns and operates two regional potable water systems where the water is purchased from other suppliers. SaskWater purchases potable water from the City of Saskatoon and delivers it to surrounding communities, industries and other commercial businesses and pipeline groups through an extensive pipeline network. SaskWater also purchases potable water from the Buffalo Pound Water Administration Board and the City of Regina, sourced from the Buffalo Pound Treatment Plant, and delivers it to surrounding communities and industries.


    In 2015-16, SaskWater delivered 8.7 billion litres of high quality drinking water.


    Potable System Maps

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    The Dundurn Rural Water Utility is proud to work in cooperation with SaskWater. SaskWater's service is exceptional, and they are very supportive in both administration and operations of our Utility. I would wholeheartedly recommend SaskWater, their team and their services to anyone. Thank you, SaskWater, for your part in making Dundurn Rural Water Utility the biggest rural water utility in the province. - Rosalind L. Arndt, Administrator Dundurn Rural Water Utility